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Let’s be honest, artificial lighting in the home has changed. Ever since the government passed regulations, we have all been adapting.  As a society, we were accustomed to a few different types of home lighting.  We had gotten stuck in our ways using the light bulbs we were accustomed to and didn’t know it was going to be brighter in the future, no pun intended.

I don’t think I’m just speaking for myself.  A few years ago, I remember buying hundreds of dollars of incandescent light bulbs to prepare for lighting doomsday. I was worried, very worried, about not being able to choose the type of light bulbs I wanted.  Honesty, I wish I hadn’t worried. Now, I’m stuck with incandescent light bulbs I don’t want. I never thought that lighting options would be better now than they were before.

LED Home Lighting

Light bulb manufacturers have done a great job with technology, and also, with finding ways to make the light bulbs more cost effective.  Our electrical bills can actually show proof in the efficiency of the new light. Remember when LED first came out, they were ridiculously expensive.  Costs have come down and the savings are visible at local retailers.

Compared to traditional incandescents, energy-efficient light bulbs such as halogen incandescents, compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), and light emitting diodes (LEDs) have the following advantages:

  • Typically use about 25%-80% less energy than traditional incandescents, saving you money
  • Can last 3-25 times longer.

Today’s energy-efficient bulbs are available in the wide range of colors and light levels you’ve come to expect. While the initial price of energy-efficient bulbs is typically higher than traditional incandescents, newer bulbs cost less to operate, saving you money over the life of the bulb. Many of the newer bulbs last significantly longer than traditional bulbs, so you won’t need to replace them as often.

Clients often ask me how long LED bulbs will last. Honestly, I don’t know how accurate the predicted lifetime expectancy is.  Time will tell. This new technology seems to be getting better every day and I am looking forward to even more improvement in the future!

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