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DF Design, Inc opened it’s doors in 1991.  Since then, we’ve created hundreds of beautiful environments.  That being said, we have truly enjoyed the relationships we’ve developed and the experiences we’ve had.  In fact, many of the stories shared in this interior design blog come from those experiences with our valued clients.

Featured Interior Design Stories

Blog topics cover all aspects of interior design, home furnishings and custom home renovations.  And, many include educational tidbits and up to date information from the furnishings world.  In addition, Dennis Frankowski, offers helpful suggestions and tips for improving the home.

Dennis Frankowski, Interior Designer

Dennis is available for all aspects of a home improvement project.  Initially, his services include a consultation.  To start, he provides paint color consultations (both interior & exterior) and general design consultations for the home.  In addition, he provides custom home furnishings and fully managed custom home renovations.  Do you have a questions regarding your home?  If so, please call us!  Dennis will be happy to answer any questions you have!  815-479-0047

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