Exterior Painting Tips From an Interior Designer

Helpful Tips from an Interior Designer regarding Exterior Painting

It’s exterior painting season. Here are some important tips if you’re going to paint the exterior of your house this year. I have been providing exterior paint consultation for 27 years. I’ve seen the right and wrong way to paint an exterior. Let me share with you my opinion of the right way.

Here’s a few of my recommendations to assure longevity and the best possible exterior job.

  • Use a high quality exterior paint or stain. I recommend using a product bought in a paint store. Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore are quality choices. My advice, spend a little more on your exterior paint.  Higher quality paints have more additives, which in turn, last longer.  Just remember, you’re improving the exterior of your biggest investment.  It’s important to consider the long term, not just a short fix.
  • I recommend hiring a professional interior designer to choose your paint colors.  An experienced professional will take siding, roofing, stone and other materials into consideration when making color selections.
  • Hire a professional painter to apply the paint.
  • Try to avoid making costly errors.  Exterior renovations are big investments.  Do not make the mistake of having someone or even you make the wrong color choices.
  • Power wash your entire home before you paint. Mold, mildew, dirt and loose surfaces need to be removed before painting begins.  Allow a few days to dry in the warm weather.
  • In order for paint to dry properly, the exterior temperature needs to be above 55 degrees.  This temperature requirement is important for day and night hours.  My advice is pick a few weeks when the weather is consistently above 60 degrees during the day and night.  And note, paint can take several days, even weeks to dry completely.
  • Make sure your painter is good at prep work.  Caulking, priming, scraping are essential. This assures maximum longevity for the final product. After your house is thoroughly power washed and scraped, make sure all the raw wood surfaces are spot primed to allow adhesion. Good painters understand how important it is to prep before painting.
I’m wishing your next home improvement project is a success!!

Interior & Exterior Paint Consultations

DF Design, Inc provides consultations for interior and exterior home and office environments. We use a broad spectrum analysis to determine the best color combinations based on décor, landscaping, neighborhood, and much more.  If you have any questions regarding your next home improvement, please give us a call!  We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.
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  • So nice to hear that you appreciate the advice on using higher quality exterior paints! When choosing exterior paint colors, we recommend taupes, beiges, soft greens and other colors that complement the environment. This adds beauty to the exterior of the home and also provides a landscape friendly appearance. DF Design offers Exterior Design Consultations for those who need help choosing paint colors and materials for their home.

  • Great tip about how the exterior temperature needs to be above 55 degrees. My wife and I need our house repainted red. We’ll have to consider getting a painting crew to set down a couple of coats. https://www.elitepaintingkansascity.com/exterior-painting

  • Thanks for your comment and good luck with your exterior paint project!

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