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2019 Interior Design Trends | Dennis Frankowski | DF Design Inc

Interior Design Trends

Interior Design

2019 Interior Design Trends

When considering what is "in style" or "current" in the interior design world, it's important to take into consideration the definition of the word "trend".  According to Oxford Dictionaries, "trend" is defined as:

Trend-/noun/  1.  A general direction in which something is developing or changing.

Trend is a popular word that concerns interior designers and consumers. It’s a compass, and a directive force that tells us what’s in-style, what’s selling and what’s popular.  Interior Design Trends are not only important to me, but they concern me, because my clients hire me to update their environments.  These fads show me somewhat of a baseline between what is current today and what’s possibly coming in the future.  When analyzing interior design trends, it's important to keep in mind where you reside. Styles, colors & furnishings will vary depending on the region.  For this article, my trend analyses will be Midwest related.

I find the topic of interior design and furnishing trends a very interesting subject.  I'm frequently asked whether I'm seeing styles, colors and furnishings repeated year over year.  Another popular question relates to what elements of home design are making a comeback  As I design my environments, I combine a mix of trend, personal style and mindful, timelessness.  The incorporation of these "ingredients" are key in creating special, unique, personalized living spaces!

As we move forward in 2019, I'll add my thoughts on specific trends in the home improvement industry.  To start, I'll talk a little bit about Wallpaper

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