Fully Managed Design & Build

DF Design, Inc. provides completely managed Interior Design & Build services.  As a result, each custom home renovation transforms from concept, to completion in an organized, timely manner.

Custom Home Renovation – An Organized Approach

Prior to demolition, we’ll create a Design Plan for your custom home renovation.  Then, we’ll manage the progress of the design plan. Each day, we’ll monitor product selections & “our” contractors.  We’ll also provide daily “open and close” and ensure on-site design decisions are made throughout the project.

 No Worries, Maintain Your Busy Lifestyle

Taking on a home improvement project can be time consuming.  With that in mind, our full service renovations are perfect for executives and those with busy lifestyles.  Whether you plan to renovate your kitchen, bathroom or any other room in your home, DF Design, Inc has the solution for you.  Do you have questions?  Please, call us, we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.  815-479-0047

Custom Home Renovation

Updated Kitchens

Custom Home Renovation | Bathroom Remodeling

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