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Is it time to update the furniture in you home? Are you thinking about remodeling your kitchen or bathroom? Some valuable expertise will save you money and time. Why not get the advice of an experienced, local Arlington Heights Interior Designer? We’ve been providing Interior Design Services in your neighborhood since 1991.

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Our Interior Design Consultation services can save you a tremendous amount of time and money. Are you ready to remodel your kitchen? Is it time to update furnishings or put an addition on your home? We can help you narrow down the products and materials you will need. We’ll help you achieve your goals. Your home will look the way you envisioned.

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Interior Design Consultations are meetings that focus on specific home improvement goals. We devise Design Plans, tailored, to fit your preferences and budget. Are you ready for new paint colors and furniture? Or, do you need help with a bathroom or kitchen renovation? DF Design will create a custom-tailored Design Plan for you.

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What are your Home Improvement objectives? Are you a planner? We’ll formulate your Design Solutions ahead of time. Are you in the middle of a remodeling, and need help choosing materials? We’ll be happy to select the perfect products for you. Design Plans are created, and customized according to your needs.

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Honestly, it depends on the project. Fees vary according to the size, scope and complexity of the renovation. Once we discuss your goals, we’ll be able to give you pricing.

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Arlington Heights History

The Village of Arlington Heights was founded in the mid-1800s by Asa Dunton. In 1835, the General Land Office began selling land in the area.  Dunton’s son, William, was the first homeowner in town.  To ensure that the train came to the area, William Dunton offered the Illinois & Wisconsin railroad some of his land. The train route, which was plotted by the railroad, ended up passing through Dunton’s living room. Because of this, he moved out of his two-story house. Farmers used the railroad to transport their goods. By the late 1850’s, the area was known for it’s farming community. Local farmers sent dairy products as well as vegetables to Chicago on the rail system.

The train depot became a central gathering place in the community.  It spurred growth and encouraged business to settle in. Some of these included a  Blacksmith, hardware store, cheese factory and hotel. In early years, the community was named the “Town of Dunton”.  It’s name was officially changed to Arlington Heights in 1874. The town was incorporated in 1887. At that time, it had a population of approximately 1000 residents. Most of the residents at that time were farmers. Others, who lived in the community, included those who worked in Chicago. Arlington Heights was an early commuter suburb.

Historic Arlington Heights
Arlington Race Track

Arlington International Race Track

Thoroughbred racing, at Arlington International Race Track, began October 13, 1927.  “Arlington Park” was founded by California millionaire Harry D. “Curly” Brown. Despite the cold weather, over 20,000 fans celebrated the opening. It was a very high style event. In the first race at Arlington, jockey, Joe Bollero, brought Luxembourg to victory.

The racetrack has survived the Great Depression and World War II. Unfortunately, in 1985, catastrophe struck. Fire engulfed the facility. It completely destroyed the Grandstand. The facility was rebuilt by crews who worked around the clock. In record time, it was made ready for a race. That event is now known as the “Miracle Million”. Through the years, Arlington has continuously been a leader in Thoroughbred racing. World class trainers, jockeys and Thoroughbreds have graced it’s tracks for decades.

Metro Arlington Heights

The Village of Arlington Heights is located in Cook County Illinois.  The suburb is located 25 miles northwest of Chicago. It has an excellent transportation infrastructure and offers direct access to major highways. Illinois Route 53  offers six interchanges in Arlington Heights. The Tri-State Tollway is located 8 miles southeast of Arlington Heights via Interstate 90. Neighboring communities include Mount Prospect, Prospect Heights, Wheeling and Buffalo Grove, Illinois.

 Arlington Heights Historical Architecture

Banta House

On May 20, 1998, the Banta House was awarded a place on the National Register of Historic Places. It was the home of Minnie and Nathaniel Banta.  Nathanial was a school teacher and author of children’s books. This Arts and Crafts style residence is the first architect-designed home in Arlington Heights. It was Banta’s dream home. He had it built on the lot next to his inlaws, F. W. Mullers.  The home featured leaded glass windows and kitchen cupboards, rather than a pantry. It had a living room instead of two parlors. In addition, it had a wide, easy to maneuver staircase. The home was quite controversial for 1908. It’s located at 516 N. Vail St. And, is now on the grounds of the Arlington Heights Historical Museum.

Banta House Arlington Heights
Muller House Arlington Heights

Muller House

In 1979, the Muller House was added to the National Register of Historic Places. F.W. Muller built the home in 1882. It’s located at 500 N. Vail Avenue. Muller constructed the home for his family and their soda water business. The woodwork in the home is a classic example of Victorian style for the era. The residence was located on the first and second floors. The english style basement served as the soda pop factory. It’s known a good example of upper to middle class living during the 1880-1900 period.

Muller delivered soda pop along the dirt roads of the Northwest Suburbs. In 1906, he built a large building to house the pop factory. His two sons took over the business in 1923. They renamed the company Arlington Club Beverages.  The company changed ownership through the years and eventually went bankrupt.

Today, the home is part of the Arlington Heights Historical Museum complex. It’s located at Vail Avenue and Fremont Street.  Visitors are welcome to tour the home and stop by the “Pop Shop” at the museum. Learn more at Arlington Club Beverages.

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Real Testimonials

DF Design recently completed a kitchen and entryway renovation for our family and the result is absolutely amazing! Dennis and Chris stayed within budget and they exceeded our expectations relative to design elements and quality. The construction crew was always polite, on time, clean and communicative. Any challenges we encountered were handled professionally by Dennis and Chris. We are so thrilled with their work and with our updated home!

Naomi A.

Northbrook, IL 60062

Dennis has been our “go to” Designer for over 20 years.  He has done a beautiful job with the complete renovations of our basement, living room, family room, foyer, powder room and our children’s bedrooms.  We highly recommend DF Design for all home improvement and remodeling projects!

Cindy D.

Arlington Heights, IL 60004

Dennis Frankowski is a fabulous interior designer. I called him this year to help us figure out what to do to get our house ready to sell. Dennis has provided interior design services to us for many years, so I knew he would be the best person to help. He helped us plan a master bathroom redo that was both really pretty and functional but also quite affordable. Before the renovation, our bathroom was an eyesore, and we didn’t want it to detract from the overall appeal of our home. Dennis managed the entire project from beginning to end, which definitely reduced my stress. He was often on-site to make sure the project moved ahead smoothly. Dennis not only has a great sense of color, style and function, but he is easy to work with. He listens carefully and patiently explains every step of the process. He treats everyone with respect.

Linda W.

Woodstock, IL 60050