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Hey Everyone, I’m Dennis Frankowski, and today, I’d like to give you a few tips that might be helpful the next time you remodel you kitchen.

So, after you have selected your cabinets, your actually going to have to decide on the hardware. I actually like “pulls” on the cabinet doors, and I like “knobs” on the cabinet drawers. Your going to have to decide between brushed nickel and chrome. I like brushed nickel. It’s timeless, and it’s been around for awhile now.

Another important thing to think about when you’re putting your kitchen plan together is the backsplash. It’s very important when this is installed, to go from the bottom of the cabinet all the way to the top of the counter-top. It just give you a great presentation of the marble the way this is done.

Another thing that your going to want to plan after you install your backsplash is your lighting. This lighting was actually put in, built in, to the cabinets. This is in 3000K light temperature and look at how beautiful it makes the backsplash look. You’re want to light this area up.

Thanks for checking out this video. I hope all these tips were very helpful for you. I’m Dennis Frankowski, and I am wishing your next project is a great success!

When I first started as an Interior Designer, I used to recommend contractors to me clients.  And then I would follow through with them and find out what the results were.  I used to hear that the contractor didn’t show up on time and usually the results were pretty unsatisfactory.

So, I started thinking to myself, you know, what could I create, what could I do, to solve this problem.  What could I give somebody that would put all of this together in one package and they would have better results. They would have satisfactory results.

The first step is a meeting that delves into the excitement, the vision of what your house could be.  Whether it’s a kitchen or a bath or a whole entire house design, your project does not have to cost a fortune.  When you work with us, your vision comes to life. We handle the contractors, the scheduling, everything is takes, so you don’t have to.

I was at a friend’s house last weekend, and I was noticing a conversation that two people were having about a renovation.  They didn’t want to tear their house up.  They didn’t want to make a mess.  It made me think of our Home Furnishings Package, because we don’t make a mess! We don’t have to tear any walls down.

It starts with an In-Home Consultation.  An in-depth Consultation, and some of the topics are furniture, accessories, window treatments, wall colors and even audio and video upgrades.  What’s great about the package as well too, is that it’s fully managed.  And everything is fully fabricated for you too.  You don’t have to do a thing.

I’m here with Dennis Frankowski, my Interior Designer.  It’s Spring time and I had an outside project I was talking to him about, painting the outside of my house.  And guess what, he does Exterior Consultations.  I’m like, alright Dennis, why don’t you come over, and tell me a little bit about Exterior Consultation and let’s go through it.  So, let me introduce you to Dennis.  He’ll tell you a little bit about what he does, and then we’ll go through the whole process so you can see exactly what happens in a Exterior Consultation.

Hello Dennis!  Well, first of all Barry, I really appreciate you inviting me to your home.  I really appreciate it.  DF Design has been in existence for about 26 years now.  And, you know, you would never think that an Interior Designer like me would provide Exterior Consultation, but here we are.  You know, it is one of my specialties, and it’s really a popular consultation for people like yourself, especially in the Spring time…

Welcome to DF Design, Inc!  We’ve has been creating timeless environments for the entire home and office throughout Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin since 1991.   We provide interior design consultations, design and build services, furnishings and home accessories. 

A great way to start a home renovation is with a Color Consultation.  It’s an affordable, informational meeting for anyone who desires a beautiful space. 

What makes us different from the others who provide color selection services?  First, we know that a Color Palette is more that just a paint color on a wall. We evaluate the entire environment.  Your furnishings, window treatments, artwork and home accessories are all considered when selecting paint colors. And, we’ll provide you with a Design Plan that includes tips for furniture arrangements and hip, yet timeless paint colors.

Starting a renovation project can be overwhelming.  We make Paint Color Selection easy! Save time and money – give us a call!  We’ll be happy to discuss your project and answer any questions you may have!

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