Interior Painting Trends & Tips For 2021

By: Dennis Frankowski, Interior Designer, DF Design Inc

Interior painting is still one of the greatest ways to transform your interior. It is cost effective and gives a lot of bang for your buck if done properly!

I have seen in the last 10 years colors transition from beiges with gold undertones to greens and reds (that are now non-existent interior wise.)

Keep in mind that when you are planning your interior paint colors, it is best to use a Professional Color Consultant for that job. If this can not be accomplished or it is out of your budget to do so, I will give you a few tips to help you along with understanding how I achieve my interiors (with several decades of success and several thousands of customers throughout my career):

Here are my Paint Color Tips for 2021:

Let’s talk about Neutral Interior Paint Colors:

Gray Paint Shades:

Grays are still trending and are very popular right now. It seems like everything is grey. A few tips regarding this color: use several grays to give your interior a variation so that it does not come up short or look boring. You will want to make sure that you incorporate the use of: warm furnishings, art, rugs, accessories, etc. to give your interior a tonal difference as well. Which in term will create more visual interest!

Interior Painting Trends & Tips 2021

Greige Paint Shades:

Greige is a nice balance between grey and cold. Greige is when gray and beige merge to create this tone. It is an awesome color to use because it gives you the best of both worlds, First, it gives you a connection with older items in your home (bear in mind, most people do not get rid of everything in their house, hence the term ‘older items’) that create warmth. Second, It gives you the new world look of grey, while giving that “today” new world color.

Interior Painting Trends & Tips 2021

Accents that go along with your neutrals:

I like blue, which is a very popular accent. Both dark and lighter blues work in interiors currently. Things like art work, rugs and wall accents can have blue in them as well to carry on the color.

For alternative accents, I like bronze and browns (brown is the new red for me!) Bear in mind … we are not talking about a brown that you may know, we are talking about a dark, dark brown that has a lot of grey in it. It could be considered a “muted” brown that looks grey.

Interior Painting Trends & Tips 2021

More Interior Paint Color Selection Advice:

Keep your neutral colors light. Add depth to the holistic palette by using a more dramatic color in a room like the dining room! Also, accent walls still work great. Consider adding this accent to walls that include a fire place, feature, art, or decorative nooks!

Dennis Frankowski, Interior Designer

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