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2019 Wallpaper Trends | Dennis Frankowski | DF Design Inc

2019 Wallpaper Trends

Interior Design

Wallpaper Trends

For as long as I've been an Interior Designer, over 25 years, I've been using faux finishes as an alternative to wallpaper.  I was seriously opposed to wallpaper.  The seams, the removal costs and the "get sick of" factors were a deterrent.  

Well, I can't believe I'm going to say this, but in 2019, wallpaper trends are definitely on the rise!  People are actually accepting the idea of wallpaper again.  I've seen this in the overall industry and have also incorporated it into my designs as well.  

I find that wallpaper is a good idea when you want an interest level on your walls to exceed "just paint".  I'll also go as far to say that when I see a faux finish now, it looks outdated to me.  Wow, the complete 180 degree turn amazes me!  

The popular prints I see are textures, geometric patterns and smaller stripes. I also like thick, industrial grade papers and prefer custom made if the budget allows.  I’m keeping my usage in my designs of wallpaper to accent walls, feature ceilings and powder rooms. I guess I’m getting my feet wet again!

2019 Wallpaper Gray
Geometric Wallpaper Trends
Neutral Wallpaper Trends

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