Window Treatments Custom vs Ready Made

A Designers Opinion Regarding Window Treatments
Custom vs Ready Made

Window Treatments
Custom vs Ready Made

Window treatments custom vs ready made – that’s the question.  I’ve had quite a few people tell me that they don’t want to not spoil the view to the outside of their home by installing window treatments. This is an interesting opinion, because I think appropriate window treatments actually improve the outside view to the outside of the home. They also add beauty by framing the windows, in turn, accentuating the view of the outside.  In addition, window treatments provide privacy, reduce glare on the television and protect furniture, fabrics and colors from fading.  Well thought out drapes & valances beautify, accentuate and protect living spaces.   

I have been an Interior Design Consultant for over 30 years.  When it comes to window coverings,  I have seen it all.  I’ve witnessed bed sheets, newspaper, magazines and paper shades covering the glass.  My clients have told me they were meant as a temporary solution but ended up surpassing their longevity.   Another temporary alternative are those ready-made curtains and drapes purchased from a department store.  While these shades may serve a transitory purpose, they definitely do not add style or frame the view.

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Window Coverings – Home Improvement & Curb Appeal

Window treatments, or should I say, appropriate window treatments enhance the home and offer curb appeal to a potential home buyer.  Many will argue that the expense of investing in blinds & drapes out-weighs the financial benefit when selling a home.  I disagree.  Functional, well thought out home improvements are very important to a buyer.  In my experience, those homes that have sold faster are updated.  

Window Treatment Styles & Uses

    • Functional Coverings –   Blinds offer important privacy and light filtering options.  Honeycomb shades, silhouettes & roller shades fit this category. 
    • Aesthetic Treatments –  These stylish options are chosen to add beauty to your space.  Examples include stationary panels, cornice boards and  box pleated valances.
    • Aesthetic/Functional –   These treatments offer beauty and purpose.  Roman shades and full closing panels are great examples.

Ready to Purchase Window Coverings
Here are Some Suggestions

  1. Hire a Designer. It Will Save you Time & Money – Custom window coverings don’t have to cost a fortune.  A professional designer can show you cost effective solutions and fabrics that suite your budget and style.  When properly designed to fit your home decor, professional window treatments will positively impact your houses value.
  2. Purchase Ready-Mades and Alter Them  – All windows are not the same size.  When you purchase custom draperies and blinds, they are specifically made to fit the exact measurements of your windows.  Store bought curtains and shade are not.  Due to their “one size fits all” nature, to look good, they need to be altered.  I suggest you have a fabricator measure your windows and then tailor the treatments for you.  By adding fabric to the top and/or bottom of the curtain, they can make them a quality alternative to custom.

Professional services that produced my desired results. Showed to have board experience with great communication skills. Made me feel like they were team players on my side. Would use their services again.

Norlyn B.
Dennis Frankowski | Principal Interior Designer

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