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Selecting the Right Materials for a Home Remodeling Project

Do you “hope” you’re selecting the right materials for a home remodeling project? Have you ever been in the middle of construction and hit a “road block”? Believe it or not, it’s a common design problem. There are so many decisions to make during a home renovation. A lot of building contractors can’t help with material selections. For the homeowner, that can be frustrating. Why?  Because, inadvertently, they’re forced to be the “designer”. Many need help with home renovations and material selections.

We hear a lot of stories about “home renovation regrets”. For instance, many had approached their home improvement projects from a “one room at a time” perspective. They wish they would have looked at their “house as a whole”. In retrospect, if they were to do it again, they would seek out some professional guidance. Remodeling a home is expensive. It’s important to make good choices.  Fortunately, there are options.

When  to Add an Interior Designer to your Home Renovation Team

A few months ago, we were contacted by a cabinet designer we work with.  He, and the building contractor he was on a job with, were in the middle of a kitchen renovation in Burr Ridge, Illinois.  Along with the homeowner, they had decided it was time to add an Interior Designer to their Home Renovation team.  They were in the process of the kitchen remodel and were facing some interior design dilemmas. In order to proceed, they needed help with the holistic direction of the project. They wanted to make sure that the kitchen would flow with the rest of the home. In addition, they needed guidance with product selections. 

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Remodeling Consultation Holistic Design Plan

Kitchen Remodeling Consultation

We set up the Kitchen Remodeling Consultation and met with the team.  Together, we reviewed the floor plan. We addressed the architectural features throughout the main floor of the home. In addition, we discussed the existing furnishings and progress of the renovation.  Because the building process had already began, some of the materials had been chosen.  The builder and cabinet designer had done a beautiful job with the layout of the kitchen and the cabinetry.  My job was to design a plan for the home that coordinated with the existing components. In addition, to select products and materials that would enhance & complement the rest of the home. This is what I call a “Holistic Design Plan”.

Remodeling Plans were in Motion

Because I was brought into the project later, some remodeling plans were in motion. I would need to work around these predetermined decisions. After reviewing their selections, I was very excited to add to the plan. The homeowner, cabinet designer and builder had decided on White Cabinetry with Shaker style doors. The space was large. To allow for ease of mobility and traffic flow, two (2) functional islands would be installed. These islands would be accented in beautiful, textured grey oak with liming. 

Holistic Design Plan – Bringing it All Together

Incorporating the floor plan and cabinetry, I began the Holistic Design Plan for the home. I needed to determine the paint color palette and stain color for the floor. These would complement the kitchen and other rooms on the main floor.  Essential materials were chosen to complete the design, and add beauty to the entire space.

These included:

  • Paint Color Palette that included Greiges and Off-Blacks.
  • Quartz Countertops. Two (2) difference colors were chosen.  One for the main kitchen counters and another for the islands.  Quarts is a great product that is easy to clean and requires minimal maintenance. 
  • For the Backsplash, a travertine brick pattern, in neutral tones.
  • Large scale “Cage Lights” with a weathered bronze finish for the two islands. And, a smaller version for over the sink. 
  • Chrome Plumbing Fixtures.
  • Brushed Nickel Appliances.
  • Larger scale, brushed nickel hardware for the cabinetry.
  • Custom-made Window Treatment Valances were designed for the kitchen and dinette areas. Each with, an abstract, floral material in an achromatic color scheme.
  • On the floors, a custom mix of Jacobean and Classic Gray stain were blended.
  • The back staircase Balusters and Railings were painted in Off-Black.
Backsplash color and design selection
Kitchen Design Consultations | Kitchen Remodeling Selections

Builder, Cabinet Designer & Interior Designer Working in Unison

The most successful projects we complete are those that include a team. A builder, cabinet designer and interior designer, working in unison, can really complement each other. Each professional offers a valuable skill. And, they all have unique knowledge about their craft. Are you in the middle of a renovation? Are you planning to build or remodel your home? Who’s on your team?

Dennis Frankowski, Interior Designer

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Are you looking for a creative, practical design consultant who listens and cares about your goals and your environment? Then you have come to the right place. Have you got questions regarding your next renovation? Give me a call!  I’ll be happy to discuss your project!
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