Toilets – How to choose?

Toilet Options- How to Choose?

Ha ha funny, we’re going to talk about toilet options- how to choose?  I know it seems weird to mention, but we all visit several toilets a day, so we have a lot of experience with this topic.  And, believe it or not, there are a lot of options out there!  

For years this device had not changed.  Remember the rose colored toilet?  I’m sure you can still find one somewhere and if you’re in the market – don’t do it!!  Now, you have different flush features, heated seat elements and various heights to choose from.  A new popular height is called the “comfort height”. 

Take Bill and Sarah in Long Grove. The renovation in their home included several bathrooms.  We looked at all sorts of toilet options for them, and in the end they chose 2 comfort height toilets and 2 regular height toilets.  

So, where did the toilets go?  The answer is logical.  The comfort height toilets were installed in the master bath and powder room and the regular height in the other bathrooms.  With small children, certain toilets need to be lower to accommodate their needs. So, bathrooms that the children use received regular height toilets. Adults don’t seem to mind the new comfort height option, unless they are on the shorter side. You either like these toilets or not. Make sure you try one out before making your decision!

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