How To Decorate A Teen Approved Bedroom

Bedroom Design – A Youthful Approach

Let’s take Brittany.  She lives in Barrington, Illinois and is 15 years old.  And, she’s excited about getting her bedroom remodeled.  In addition, she’s loaded with interior design ideas from the internet and endless conversations with her junior designer friends. After our initial conversation, I sensed that my adult tastes may not be applicable in her situation.  And, I really needed to understand the goals that Brittany had in mind for the design of her bedroom.  With that in mind, I needed to embrace the style and theme that she had envisioned and create an atmosphere for her that she was excited about.

Teen Decorating Ideas

Here’s the reality, kids and teens live in a different world than adults. They see color differently than we do.  And, interior design principles are not that important to them.  In addition, they don’t care
about aesthetics.  What do they care about?  They care about sports, dance, theatre and other activities that they are involved in.  And, they seek a space that reflects them, which in turn, has to come from
them. It makes sense!

Young Adult Bedroom Design Consultation

I started the Interior Design Plan for Brittany’s bedroom by sitting down with her and having an
in-depth conversation.  At first, we talked about  her likes and dislikes.  Next, I gave her an assignment.
I asked her to select pictures from the internet showing me examples of her vision. In addition,
I requested that she choose two of her favorite topics.  By doing so, we would have a theme or subject
for her room.  In the end, we were able to narrow down Brittany’s list and identify items that
were most important to her.  This method took all the guess work out of the project  And even better, it allowed us to stay within her parents budget.

The Teen Approved Bedroom Design Plan

The Bedroom Design Plan I created for Brittany included a reflection of her personal style.  And also, her favorite colors and interests!

  • To start, the color palette incorporated bold wall colors and fabrics in variations of grays and purple hues.
  • In addition, beautiful, timeless furnishings were brought in.  For starters, a lovely bedroom set with a white, antiqued finish.  And, for fun, a comfy chair and ottoman for the corner of the room.
  • To complete the bed, we chose a teen approved comforter and colorful pillows.  And at the foot, a cozy rug.
  • Then, we added custom window treatments, made with gray lattice print fabric.
  • The finishing touches?  Interspersed throughout the room, artwork, accessories and colorful accents reflecting her interest in theater and music.


 Please, comment and let us know your ideas on renovating your teens bedroom.

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In college, Dennis studied Interior Design and Psychology.  Human nature and communications were of great interest and continue to drive his passion and work. Blending his natural talents with his education, Dennis founded DF Design, Inc. in 1991. 

Clients benefit from Dennis’ understanding of human behavior as it relates to daily living and interior design.  He has been recognized for his ability to thoroughly listen to others, problem-solve, and create beautiful environments.

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    October 28, 2021 1:09 pm


    I was looking for ideas and tips to decorate room for my teen daughter. Then I came across this blog which proved really helpful. I searched for some rug choices and did visit a few options like and and select one for her rooms additions.

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