Customized Kitchen Renovations

Customized Kitchen Renovations

Every kitchen renovation project is different. People have goals and objectives when remodeling their kitchen.  With this in mind, the needs of the homeowner have to be taken into consideration and successfully worked around.  That’s where the Interior Designer comes in.

Kitchen Design Plan

Take Joe and Kelly, from Deer Park, a village in Lake County, near Barrington Illinois.  Their desire for the kitchen they envisioned was to keep the existing footprint, and also, their cabinets.  They were happy with the layout of their kitchen space and concerned that a complete “tear out” would take too long.

After evaluating Joe and Kelly’s kitchen area and examining the cabinetry, I suggested a Design Plan that included keeping the existing cabinet boxes and replacing/redesigning the doors, fronts and sides of the current cabinets.  I also suggested, adding a larger island, a fresh color palette, a neutral backsplash, refinishing the floors and dining furniture, lighting and adding window treatments panels to accentuate the outdoor view.  Joe and Kelly were excited about the Design Plan so the renovation began.

We were able to change the cabinet doors from overlay to an elegant inset door, which means the kitchen cabinet doors are now flush with the front of the cabinet.  This redesign process was more economical than purchasing all new high end custom cabinets and definitely a good choice for Joe and Kelly because their cabinet boxes are of good quality.  We added a larger, more functional kitchen island in a dark expresso finish and decided to also, upgrade the kitchen office feature.  Under cabinet lighting and a brick travertine backsplash show beautifully below the white perimeter cabinets. Window treatment panels add a touch of class and the greige, brown and light grey paint colors used are trendy, yet timeless.

Deer Park Barrington 6001 Kitchen Design Renovation | Interior Designer Barrington IL

5 Smart Kitchen Design Ideas

  • The kitchen desk area that was once mandatory in the 90’s was completely taken out and labeled as “out of style”.  I recommend designing it back into your kitchen the next time you remodel. By building a desk area that is the same height as the counters, the important rhythm and style of the kitchen will be continued.  In addition, you will acquire your necessary personal storage/task area that is handy and efficient.
  • Make sure you have lots of natural light. There is a real benefit to a sink with a view. It’s really pleasant when that can happen. If not, then face the sink towards the area you can interact with your friends and family.
  • Incorporate both a workspace and a casual hanging-out space. An island is the standard way to do this or a breakfast table nearby.  This, of course, depends on the particularities of the layout.  Another suggestion is to create a little breakfast area in the kitchen with built-in casual dining that has a “living room” like feel.
  • Use texture to add visual interest.
  • Experiment with an unconventional focal point.

     Let us know your ideas to renovating your kitchen.  View more photos in our Kitchen Design & Renovation Portfolio.  You can email us at

    About the Author

    Raised with Dennis Frankowski - Interior Designer | Furnishings | Custom Home Renovations Illinoiscreative influences and artistic talents, Dennis’ love for art & design naturally grew from an early age. His father, a Technical Illustrator, influenced his drawing talents. Dennis’ mother recognized his gifts and encouraged his development in architecture and design. 

    In college, Dennis studied Interior Design and Psychology.  Human nature and communications were of great interest and continue to drive his passion and work. Blending his natural talents with his education, Dennis founded DF Design, Inc. in 1991. 

    Clients benefit from Dennis’ understanding of human behavior as it relates to daily living and interior design.  He has been recognized for his ability to thoroughly listen to others, problem-solve, and create beautiful environments.

    DF Design Inc.

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