Interior Design Entryway Organization – Design the Home Entryway with Storage and Function

Add Storage and Function to the Home Entryway

The family’s entrance to the home has changed stated Dennis Frankowski, owner of DF Design Inc.! When I was a kid, I entered the house through the front door. Then, I hung my coat (actually I threw it) into our 2’x3′ closet, where it usually fell off the hanger onto the floor. I could smell the great food in the air, as I walked through the house to see what was for dinner. Nowadays, most people enter through the garage, into a mud or laundry room, then into the kitchen. I would say a home renovation for this new entrance space calls for an organized, functional approach with plenty of storage.

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Our clients, Bob & Judy, were in desperate need of a new floor plan for the back entryway of their Palatine, Illinois home.  The original blueprint for the back corridor of their residence consisted of an unconventional pathway through the home.   The route began from the doorway in the garage that led into the laundry room.  Once in the laundry room there was another door leading to the powder room, and then another door, that finally led to the foyer of the home.  This house was definitely built for a different era!   Awkward floor plans like this were not uncommon features in living spaces built in the 1940’s.  In present-day decor, entering your home through the powder room is unfavorable in every way.

Entryway Renovation Design Objectives:

  • Create a seamless pathway from the garage to the kitchen.
  • Add functional organizational elements in the laundry room and powder room.
  • Beautify the new entryway, powder room and laundry room with timeless design.

The final and very successful floor plan for remodeling the home was conceived after a few design drafts.  We determined that the best course of action was to relocate a wall between the garage and laundry room.  By moving the wall, we were able to restructure square footage, which made it possible for us to create a hallway between the garage and foyer, leading directly to the kitchen.  This Design Plan also allowed us to enlarge the powder room and separate it from the laundry room.

Working with the Color Palette that we had originally established for the home, we beautified the laundry space by adding an art wall.  We also brought in plenty of cabinets for storage and organization.  We used an amazing slate as an accent wall in the powder room and installed lighting to emphasize the beautiful slate wall and brighten the room.

This, now favorable, footprint for the entryway of this home is efficient, functional & pleasing to the eye!  A definite success!

Tips for organizing the home

Here’s a few items that could be helpful, easy to install and can be purchased at any home store

  • Install plenty of hooks in your mudroom for coats, backpacks and other hanging items. Cubby Holes or Lockers are a great way to keep younger kids and adults organized and are a perfect way to give them a personal space of their own. Everyday essentials like shoes, brief cases, books, and backpacks can be stored neatly.
  • Another useful item that can be installed easily is tack boards. Tack boards give an opportunity to show off accomplishments and also serve as a communication tool.
  • Position a mirror to catch the light and bring the sun into a darker hallway.
  • A mirror also works to create the illusion of extra space by visually expanding a contained area. Just make sure that it is in proportion to the dimensions of the foyer.
  • If you have a little nook in the foyer, tuck in a table and a chair (or even just a chair) to give it a cozier feel.
  • For overhead lighting, suspend a pendant or a chandelier so that the bottom is six feet eight inches above the floor. If you hang it much higher, you’ll lose its visual effect. And if you hang it much lower, you’ll truncate the space.
  • Say good-bye to muddy floors. Stow dirty or wet shoes and boots on plastic trays, which will also prevent puddles from damaging hardwood floors.

Enjoy the process and happy updating!


About the Author

Raised with DF Design,Inc offers turn key interior design and custom home renovation services in Barrington IL, Crystal Lake, St. Charles, Deerfield and surrounding communities.creative influences and artistic talents, Dennis’ love for art & design naturally grew from an early age. His father, a Technical Illustrator, influenced his drawing talents. Dennis’ mother recognized his gifts and encouraged his development in architecture and design. 

In college, Dennis studied Interior Design and Psychology.  Human nature and communications were of great interest and continue to drive his passion and work. Blending his natural talents with his education, Dennis founded DF Design, Inc. in 1991. 

Clients benefit from Dennis’ understanding of human behavior as it relates to daily living and interior design.  He has been recognized for his ability to thoroughly listen to others, problem-solve, and create beautiful environments.

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