Ready To Add A TV To Your Family Room And Update Your Fireplace?

Family Room Remodeling

Furnishings, Electronics, Fireplace

Are you ready to remodel your family room?  If so, what are your home renovation objectives?  Before you begin, make a list of  your priorities.  Obviously, new furnishings, electronics and some key home accessories will really beautify the space.  How about the fireplace? If you have an outdated fireplace, a facelift will bring it back to life.

Updating the Fireplace

Fireplaces are common features in a room.  Without a doubt, many of the fireplaces we encounter have outdated brick or stone and has-been doors and mantles.  When strategizing your renovation, make sure to take your fireplace into consideration.  Today, we have access to new materials that will bring the fireplace back to life.  Available options include, stone, granite and travertine.  In addition, beautiful door and mantle selections are available for varying styles and budgets.

Furnishings and Audio Video

When planning your new furnishings, take into consideration your audio and video technology.  In particular, take a look at your floor plan.  With that in mind, what type of furnishings are you in need of and what would you love to have in the way of electronics?  Today, flat screen technology can actually save you space and provide a clean organized look to a room.  When we have the opportunity to completely redesign the family room’s furnishings, electronics and fireplace, opportunity awaits for something fantastic.

Televisions over the Fireplace – Yes or No?

Based on our experience, people are still somewhat hesitant to consider placing flat screen televisions over the fireplace.  Why?  Because, traditionally, they are used to placing family photos, candlesticks or botanicals on the mantel.  We get it.  But, we have found a benefit to utilizing the space over the mantel for accommodating electronics and hiding their unsightly cords.  If the conditions are “right” and the budget allows, modernizing the fireplace and incorporating the flat screen in the design can be the right choice.  So, in our opinion, yes!


Fireplace Home Renovation Barrington, Northbrook, Wilmette, Lake Forest
Fireplace Drawing of Design Plan
Fireplace Renovation Before Photo by Illinois Designer DF Design, Inc
Fireplace Renovation in Progress
Family Room Renovation Barrington, Wilmette, Lake Forest Illinois
After Photo – Completed Family Room Renovation









These before and after photo of the Northbrook, Illinois family room renovation we completed shows how beautiful updating the home furnishings, redesigning a fireplace and incorporating the flat screen television and surround sound in the design can be.  If you’re looking for design ideas that include the furnishings, fireplace and electronics, here are some tips we incorporate into our design plan:

  • When possible, build the wall above the fireplace out.  By doing so, you will be able to mount the television flush to the wall and also hide cords.  The end result is a “less is more” type look.
  • When updating the mantel, customize it by hollowing it out to make room for the speakers.   The end result, a beautiful, clean design!
  • Think about the wall colors and add a  color palette that includes a dramatic accent wall and possibly a subtle fresco finish.
  • Why not re-purpose old cabinetry?  When possible, redesign your old television cabinet into something useful like a curio cabinet for your accessories.
  • Think about your furnishings.  Remember, choose comfortable furnishings and home accessories.  And then, position them to keep the focal point visible and prominent.

Let us know your ideas on renovating your family room.  We’d love to hear your comments!

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Raised with DF Design,Inc offers turn key interior design and custom home renovation services in Barrington IL, Crystal Lake, St. Charles, Deerfield and surrounding communities.creative influences and artistic talents, Dennis’ love for art & design naturally grew from an early age. His father, a Technical Illustrator, influenced his drawing talents. Dennis’ mother recognized his gifts and encouraged his development in architecture and design. 

In college, Dennis studied Interior Design and Psychology.  Human nature and communications were of great interest and continue to drive his passion and work. Blending his natural talents with his education, Dennis founded DF Design, Inc. in 1991. 

Clients benefit from Dennis’ understanding of human behavior as it relates to daily living and interior design.  He has been recognized for his ability to thoroughly listen to others, problem-solve, and create beautiful environments.

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